Console to buy

I currently have a PS4 pro and want to get back to playing forza titles. Will a one s be fine or should I opt for the x. I do have a 4k tv so I could see the benefits of the x. What would your opinions.

I would get an X. S only has 4K streaming and 4K blu ray but not 4K gameplay.

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X is the most powerful console yet and you want it :smiley:

If you can afford the X, that would be the one to get. I have an X and an S, and the performance difference is noticeable! I don’t regret upgrading to the X.

No contest … you want the One X.

Neither. Wait until the next gen at this point. If not, the One X is a great price for the specs you get.

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Well next gen console is later 2020 I suggest to get the one x…

The difference between Forza at 1080p and 4k HDR isn’t really a deal breaker. The difference is really subtle. If you’re just looking at Forza I honestly wouldn’t bother but if you play other games too it’s well worth the money. Certain games make the PS4 Pro counterparts look laughable from my personal experience owning both consoles.

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The HDR setting in Forza is very poorly calibrated. I set my TV up to be as accurate as possible but using settings that experts used a Kleiner on to get stuff like most accurate colours, what settings to use, etc & just tweaked it slightly from there.

If people do buy the One X PLEASE, PLEASE set up your TV correctly. If you even have a moderately modern TV, you’ll probably find settings online to get the most realistic & best picture quality. It doesn’t take much to Google your TV & do a bit of research to set it up to the best of its ability. There’s been quite a few of my friends who bought the One X & were disappointed, but it’s because they didn’t calibrate their TV’s correctly what so ever, so when they did it made the world of difference.

I’d say HDR support is actually the thing that boosts the game the most, but it’s terribly calibrated in Forza Motorsport 7. It has way too bright white light. You lose so just detail in the sky especially. I maxed out the in-game HDR brightness & gamma, then lowered the brightness on my TV until the dark forza logo was just visible, a click lower & it disappears, then I reduced the gamma by one until it was just barely visible. Again a click lower & it wouldn’t be visable.

The amount of detail you gain by doing this is ridiculous. The game is less saturated & more muted like irl. There’s less bloom effect on white cars, though it’s still there. The sun actual is visible & the sky has way more detail to it.

Sorry to jack this thread, but is this why everything seems over exposed in certain conditions (the sky, sunlight, white/silver cars, etc.)? I always assumed it was just the lightning engine. If I follow your settings change will I have to adjust it for other games/applications on Xbox if I switch out of Forza? Cheers.

Yes, this is why the game is over exposed. White & silver cars still have some bloom but it’s drastically reduced if you use the method I pointed out.

If you can make presets on your TV, you can just switch to them when you change the game, but it’s only brightness I’d adjust, so it’s honestly not too bad just to change the brightness per game.

& yes, you’d have to adjust if you switch out of the game to an app, but my TV & yours should automatically figure out what app or game has HDR or not, so it’ll automatically change between 2 presets.

Ideally you need a preset for HDR & SDR. Then all you do when it comes to Forza & other games is adjust the brightness when the game is loading. I just remember that on my TV, I run FM7 at -22 brightness whereas on say FH4 its like -35. It’s not too big an issue as no other settings change but the brightness.

What model TV do you have btw?

Saying that the lighting system in the game is excellent, however one thing you’ll notice is Forza uses 2 or 3 “suns” (different coloured) spotlights to get the desured effects which you can see in photomode if you turn the exposure way down.

My current tv is 8 years old now and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it holds out for a few more years. I’m not really one for paying much attention to or complaining about the lack of detail so I don’t really want to go into the settings and fiddle around with it. Modern tv’s might have this but if you could have presets where you could go in and make your adjustments for the gaming side of it, but then have your “regular tv” preset where you could toggle back and forth between them. I think even my old tv has a gaming setting on it which I really don’t like but I don’t know if you can make any changes to it.

There is also the new digital only Xbox One X. It does not have a DVD drive. That is ok if you have no Xbox games but if you have library of Xbox games you want to play on DVD you would be out of luck. But either of the Xbox One X consoles would be the one to get. I have an Xbox One and an Xbox One X. I have one in the den and one in the living room. I can play with my son in online games.
Unfortunately I don’t have the 4K tv for either but it still looks good. I have both going to av receivers for full surround sound. Does anyone know if 4K works with older av receivers or would I have to upgrade that to get full 4k on the tv as well? I don’t want to get a 4k tv and find out the signal is not supported by the receiver. It should be pass-through but with all the lawyery digital protection baloney they have on consumer electronics I don’t know if that would work. So for right now I have not upgraded my tv yet.

The digital only is an S not an X. Your receiver should say if it has 4K pass through and if it supports HDCP 2.2 in the user manual. What is the model of your receiver?

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I ran into this issue when I first upgraded to a 4K TV. Had to replace a 6 year old Denon that had served me well. This was a couple of years ago so I would guess any receiver made within the last 5 years has 4K passthrough and 2.2. I’m sure a Google search of.the model number will tell you if it doesn’t say right on the front of the unit. To the OP definitely opt for the X if you have a 4K HDR TV. Worth every penny.

You don’t need 4K TV for FullHD. I have never seen 4K mode.

I’m not sure what you’re saying. Full HD usually refers to 1080p.

Yeah, I wrote it badly. Xbox one X is worth for FullHD too. Xbox one X is a great console.

One X is much better IMO. You said “Forza games” so I assume you’re looking at both Motorsport and Horizon.

FM7 rendered in 4k is a really nice improvement.

FH4 runs at 60fps 1080p on the X vs 30fps on the S, and that is night and day, it’s just horrific if you try to play it at 30fps IMO.

However, bear in mind you’ve missed out on a lot of time-locked vehicles at this stage, you might not be familiar with this if you’ve come from GT Sport on the PS4 where you can start playing the game today and still have access to all cars. This is less of a problem in FM7 than FH4. I think it would be very frustrating to start playing FH4 today with so many cars that other players will have but you won’t be able to obtain, though some of them may become obtainable again in the future, again during specific time windows.

My friends don’t care about exclusive cars at all. It our problem here but we are a bit ill :smiley:

And for instance, I can’t have second-hand cars. Everything must be brand new :frowning: I was pretty expensive.