Competitive Club FH2 Interest?

Hi everyone,

So although I am relatively new to this forum, I have been playing FH2 since Christmas and have played other Forza games in the past. I have noticed that Forza is an all around game, but I think it lacks one thing. Organized competition. Sure, you see the occasional post asking for competitive Forza friends but there aren’t any team events or anything like that. In past racing games that I have played (it actually worked the best in Mario Kart Wii xD) thousands of people created clans and such and then held clan wars. Those soon lead to the creation of competitive leagues, and the rest is history. My online experience with Forza shows that there are a lot of skilled drivers out there and I want to know if you guys want to race in something more than just an online roadtrip. Basically your club would be entered into a league put on by myself and you would compete in a 6v6 war. There would be 12 races per war, and after those races whichever club has the most cumulative points wins the war. Sounds fun? Please let me know because I would love to run something like this. All you need is a club with 6 or more people and a skype account. If I get 10-12 people/clubs interested I will put my skype account out and you can register your club there. Just respond to this post if you would like to compete and I’ll go further into details if this gets interest. Feel free to ask any questions!

Regards, James

Add me I’m in bigtroubles83