Community bucket lists?

Yesterday I saw these small orange things near the custom blueprint points for the first time. It seems these are community bucket list blueprints indicated by a small white Forza logo on the top right of the bucket list poster. The few I have in game now seem to be done mostly by forum moderators. Have these been put in with the last patch since I didn’t see them before? Or maybe just never noticed them.

Is there a way we can submit our own custom bucket list blueprints in a contest or something? Because I have a couple of interesting idea’s myself.

They are new and they can be added by devs without any patches, just server side.

Also a rant about them - make them easier! Jesus they are so frustrating.

If it’s a speed trap challenge and you are about to cross the line at 200 MPH - tap the brakes and finish at 195 MPH! Make it easier to complete and let people compete via leaderboards.
If you did a route in 4:26 with an absolutely perfect run adjust the time to 4:40 to give people some room for error (and traffic). Otherwise you are just making people waste their time for nothing.


I thought the orange excaimations were where a friend of mine has beaten one of my times at a user create buck list? Not anymore.

You’ve always been able to create your own backlist and even get option to send to 10 friends as Weill they will show up in their game if the stop at it or they can see in menus if you sent them.

I got to get to creating one. Too busy racing and doing others currently

I am not what you would call a top tier player, and of the three community bucket list event I have tried so far, I have found the difficulty to be about right. Sure, I had to do each of them several times before I was successful, but then again, I don’t expect to be successful on most bucket list events the first time I try them. To me, that is why they are bucket list events. I expect them to be challenging.


I’m a little slow, sorry, I’m confused now. Are the “community events” things playground games have picked from user created and they’ve “featured” them I guess? Or are they each person’s friends created events? I haven’t played nearly as much as I had hoped, haven’t even finished half the game yet!! Still a bit to get to and learn.

Friend created bucket lists or bucket list sent from friends , friends.
(You can forward any bucket list you have/ or played to 10 of your friends)

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Some of these Community Bucket Lists are pretty cool, especially the ones where you need to figure out the best cross-country path to take to the destination.

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