Community Bounty #3?

Is there any word as to when or if the next bounty is going to be? There should be a new one every month. I really look forward to these events, they push racers to be better. CB#2 was a lot of fun, probably would have never driven the McLaren at Spa, but after a couple hundred laps, I am one of the few lucky owners of the ‘Mechberg Merc’. And the CB paints are the closest thing we get to a unicorn these days.
I’ve searched and haven’t been able to find any info, and apologize if this isn’t in the proper location.

Nothing heard so far I believe. Would be nice to have them back, but guess they are busy on other things.

Yeah, another Bounty Hunter challenge would be nice; but, John has hinted at something - could be anything - and that may have them slightly tied up at the moment.

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So will we get another chance at community bounty hunter, or are they done after the stigs digital cuz?

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Sure. I saw this thread, but since it said number 3, and I had assumed stigs digi cuz was the third I simply skipped it. My bad.

What happened to the Community Bounty Hunter challenges? I’ve been hoping for a new one but we haven’t seen one in a while. I do wonder if all the complaining about them being “too hard” has affected T10’s desire to do them. I wasn’t good enough to win either of them (really wanted the first one) but my goal has simply been to get fast enough to beat the next one. Never thought they were too hard. If you can’t beat it, get better.

Anyway, would love to know if we’re going to see more of these and if others would like to see them again.

Would be awesome to have some more but maybe the community can do some pretend bounty hunter events just with no prizes other than pride.

Player X is the target and everyone tries to beat them.

I have no use for them. Having said that, I’ve certainly never advocated that Turn 10 get rid of them. Anybody who thinks I want fun taken from others just because I personally don’t like something doesn’t know me, period.

For me (I stress “me”), CBH is a needless distraction. I won’t win it. Won’t even come close. I know that. And, the argument about how it helps you get better doesn’t work with me because it assumes I’m not already practicing. I am practicing. And, more than likely, it is taking me away from practice I want to do (in the A-D range) and asking me to drive some poor handling McLaren around.

So, let me be clear - I’m fine with CBH being offered. I’m not asking anybody to make them “easier”. Just be honest as to what it is - a reward for top 500 drivers. And, don’t expect other drivers to care about them. That’s all.


AX, anyone who doesn’t want these challenges doesn’t have to do them. Then there’s no distraction. It is pretty common for people to get better by doing these challenges. I know I did and I continue to get better even afterwards due to what I experienced driving that McLaren with its snap oversteer. Our target wasn’t the best driver out there. But by obsessing over that race and track he kept dropping his times. He got better. I did too. I just didn’t have the time to put into tons of laps.

So, please bring these back, T10

Yes, waiting also next bounty. Got the corvette from first, but I missed the second one and since that I have been waiting new one. Hopefully there will be more of these. Icing of the case I would say, really pushes you to limit. I like that.