Bounty Hunter Events?

Does anyone know if there were bounty hunter events in FM5 and now in FM6? The last forza game that I was deeply entrenched in was FM4 and the bounty hunter events in Rivals was one of my favorite grinds. I was late to FM5 so the community had moved on it seemed. Now that I am here at the start again and loving the game I was hoping there would be more community events.

There might have been a few in FM5, but nothing regular. I believe they awarded cars with special liveries for anyone who beat the bounty hunter.

This has always been one of my favorite things throughout the Forza franchise. It was especially great when they awarded unicorn cars and/or had special celebrity drivers with prizes like Rampage Jackson signed MMA gloves or Juan Pablo Montoya signed door panel. Little things like that can really improve a games longevity. Here’s to hoping it makes a strong return in FM6!

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Totally digging community bounty hunter in Forza 5. Hopefully it comes back in Forza 6

They should bring that back. Going against celebs was fun. But even if we could go up against Turn 10 developers I would be cool with that.

Yes it was a favorite of mine as well, I hope it comes back.