Co-Op Playthrough? (Xbox)

So I’m planning on pre ordering the game and launching a brand new youtube channel. I think it’d really help me get a head start if I’m not alone in this. This does mean that I will be recording a playthrough and other things on FH3, with Forza 6 after the playthrough. It helps if you’re not silent the whole video, haha.

I’d prefer AROUND the same skill level. The assists I use are:

-Braking Line
-Cosmetic Damage

Everything else I run simulated. (except steering, thats just at normal)

It’d be awesome if you have a mic, are not a squeaker, and would be able to use Discord for voice chat. I plan to stick to an upload rate of every weekend, but that might change around from time to time. After the playthrough finishes I’ll be mixing it up with Forza 6 and just playing around on FH3, since I’m almost certain that there’s so much more past the story mode…

Send a reply here or message me via xbox if you’re interested. If you also have a youtube channel yourself (or are starting one) then I’ll be sure to help out your own as well.


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I was also thinking about doing some posts on my Youtube channel as well! What timezone are you?

I’m thinking of starting a Youtube channel myself too. I definitely wouldn’t mind having someone to team up with (maybe even start a crew).


Alright, cool!

Yo Xenarcus, I just added u