I’ll try it out and let you know how it is! Good stuff.

good to know Ace ! i will be updating this with new tunes when i have them ready and reliable

Looking forward to trying your tunes in FM5 reaper…!!

grabbin luv the d classes

do some more pal

Car goes very well Reaper, check the Rivals D class at Sebring Short. I gave you something new to chase, lol.

argghhh you stinker FOOT!!! beat me in my own car lol ok i will try to return the favor lol . be watching for the next tune which will be in C class

op updated with my C class camaro tune will get working on another tune :slight_smile:

Loved the 70 Camaro Reaper… Will give the 69 SS a try now. Looking forward to that 3rd release we spoke of also. If your FM5 tunes are anything like your FM4 tunes (which they seem to be so far) its great news :slight_smile:

Oh, and get this FM5 Chevy Impala to handle like the one you did in FM4! I’ll call you the man. LOL

i will try to work my magic with the impala when i get the car pack …

BTW the next tune is a b class be ready :slight_smile:

The 69 SS tune is awesome. Excellent corner entry & exit, add to that the acell in this thing & it makes for one heck of a lobby/hotlap car. Well done on this one, I had a blast driving it around a few tracks & picked up a couple PB’s. Will be testing this one some more tomorrow for sure. Also going to check to see if its on Share Front. So I can pick it up there & give it a like. :slight_smile:

the ss is not up just yet lol i have been busy with the layout for the next tune i will share it after work tomorrow

updated with the B600 corvette tune it has several to 500 times on the lbs tune has been shared also happy racing everyone!!!

The corvette tune is very fun to drive. Acceleration is great ,handles great,and brakes great. Thanks for taking the time to put it up.

Nice going Reaper Will try these out when I get online at the end of the month.

thanks A5yrtech and x NooNer for the quick replies and the good news on the cars

@PTG Daney i cant wait to see what you think about them :slight_smile:

Reaper do you drove auto? Haven’t driven them but the numbers look pretty good. Just surprised about the clutch being part of the build.

@TorriderGull8 : i drive manual w/clutch at all times , for the clutch upgrade i had to maek up the pi difference and that was the only thing that maxed it in that class

Gotcha! Looks good.

NEW D class miata tune open sourced and shared in game feel free to leave feedback more tunes on the way :slight_smile:

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