Clean R2 Racers Only Please. Where are all the R2 Racers?

Full Damage Collisions off Sim steering on, assists optional. 875 please if you need it.

I’m looking for friends who like to RACE R2, just as much as I do. No HOTLAPS only racing please. Collisions will stay off until we are sure there’s no risk of a noob drivers. If you like to race more than worry about staying on the track. If you spend more time tuning and want to get the most out of your favorite car. Please join my lobby.

Might help if you specify a time.

Usually evening eastern standard time. Even if people send me a pending friend request and I’m not there to accept it will show if I am on.
So send me a friend request. Thank you.

And please don’t back out in the middle of a race. You will still earn credits even if you don’t place 1st. There is no end clock so everyone can finish. If you do happen to win make sure your laps are cleaner than the laps run by other drivers placing after you or you’ll be kicked.

I don’t care if you use LEADER BOARD cars either but I’d rather you use cars that are originally R2.
I also don’t care if you win or get better lap times within reason, which means; no cutting corners and if how you drive causes damage to your car’s engine and tranny “Pushing it to hard”.
If you normally run races with damage off and you’re not sure if your good enough to use manual with full damage please use automatic. Other than sim steering and full damage you can use any assist you want. or none at all.

I’m just going to submit reviews if people who are losing and quit cut corners to achieve better lap times and so on. If you have to cut corners to win races why are you even playing this game?

add my on XBL blackviper162

i am up for this i would proberly use my furai or my DTM

again i have3nt seen dates or times so i am up but i will see


On almost every day starting around 7-8 pm eastern standard time. Look for me in use created lobby.

Looking for racers and no quitters please. Losing is part of racing too.