Classic Vinylz Ford Coupe Drift Tune On The Marketplace

Hey guys, I’ve been drifting for a while now and thought Id share my tune with you guys

I started off on forza 4 watching lots of youtube videos until I found a tune that worked and as I progressed I used that tune as a base setup and worked off that.
Forza 5 came out and I just couldn’t seem to build my drift cars no matter how hard I tried until one day I stumbled across a rx7 tune, I used It for so long and used a similar setup for a few other cars as I got better at drifting and then the ford coupe came out as a dlc. To this day it is one of the only cars I use in both rear wheel and unlimited drift lobbies.

I’ve had a lot of people in game notice and mention me so I have decided to put my tune setup on the marketplace.
I encourage everyone to give it a go so search my gamertag ( Classic Vinylz ) and it will be the only tune I have.

Classic :slight_smile: