Classic Stock Car League

I’m on now send invite I’ll join but can’t head set yet as lil man just not long fallen asleep

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Just got home, online now

I must you by a few minutes then it was midnight when you wrote this

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Darn. Yeah, at work right now and will be busy til mid-late evening.

I am on San Diego ca I build to night and tune ready for race hit back info pls

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We will probably hold some test races tomorrow, between 12-3 PST

That would be 8pm gmt

Tomorrow night unfortunately my family is down so I’ll won’t be able to join but if it carrys over to Sunday them 100% in

Cars built tuned-ish ready to roll out

I’ll just I’ll put in this car I have set up for the stock and we don’t see when you guys are in the zero way I can look you guys up Forza six

The Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo is ready to roll.

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Nice how did you upload a picture I’ll show mine off

Yeah Bill to Monte Carlo 88 it’s a wrangler NASCAR with number three on it

Party is live, lobby live soon.

Hopping online in a few

It was enjoyable to with you all tonight same I had to jump of early

Looking forward to another night tomorrow

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Definitely had a lot of fun. I just went to grab some pics from the, ahem, accurate line off of Turn 4 at Daytona, and the replay just has the cars sitting on the grid.

That’s pants there was some lovely moments last night I was going to check your walls when I jump to look at some of those moments that where recorded

Yeah, my recording was broken as well…I really wanted some pics of the Congo line

We will be having more practice and testing over the next couple weeks. Hopefully start the series by Early December. Shoot out invites to anyone you think may be interested.

I would love to take part In this classic stock car league

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We are running practices all week and will be doing a large group test saturday