Classic Stock Car League

I have a group of people interested in starting a classic stock car league using the 88 Monte Carlo, a league that will feature both oval and road course racing. We will be using a centralized build, that you are allowed to tune from. We are planning a test run sometime this weekend. If you are interested in trying it out, or joining, please let me know. The current build is as follows:

Chevrolet 1988 Monte Carlo

Engine Swap: 5.7L V8

Air Filter: Race
Intake Manifold: Race
Fuel System: Race
Ignition: Race
Exhaust: Race
Camshaft: Race
Valves: Race
Displacement: Race
Pistons: Race
Oil & Cooling: Race
Flywheel: Street

Platform & Handling
Brakes: Race
Springs: Race
Front Roll: Race
Rear Roll: Race
Roll Cage: Race
Weight Reduction: Race

Clutch: Street
Transmission: Sport
Driveline: Street
Differential: Sport

Tires and Rims
Tire Compound: Race
Front Width: 275
Rear Width: 295
Rim Style: Specialized>American Racing>Outlaw II
Front Rim Size: 45R16
Rear Rim Size: 45R16

Aero and Appearance
Front Bumper: Race
Rear Wing: Race
Hood: Stock

Car Stats
Class: A 700
Speed: 6.4
Handling: 5.7
Acceleration: 8.5
Braking: 6.0
Power: 547 HP
Torque: 518 LBFT
Weight: 2840 LBS (1288 KG)

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I’m definitely interested. If you do not have or are looking for a host site, I’ll gladly host your league on Virtual Vintage Motorsport.

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Definitely. We do actually have a site (for our YouTube group) but have yet to really set it up! Thank you for the offer, as that may be a great option for us. I’ll keep in contact with you.

I’m in, send me an invite. I’m usually on from 8-11 central during the week and 8-1 central on the weekends.

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I work 7-3 pst, so if anyone wants the build hit me up after 4pst and I can send all that over. I’ll probably edit the post later on to include all that and if we want to do any testing sooner.

I live in the UK so I have no idea what time your be on compared to me but feel free to mail me as I’m game for it

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I know PST is GMT -8. For a time marker, its 1212 here in Nevada.

I may be interested in it as well as a few of my other team mates that were thinking about creating something along these lines. Hit me up and let me know the details. I’ll forward it on to them

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What time will most of you be on this evening? I can send/post the build and notes.

Time wise maybe out of my time then

For the weeknight running, yeah. Depending on when we do the weekend races though, that might make it available for you.

7 pm gmt every night as my misses say I can’t play till lil ones in bed :cry: and if I wanna easy life I’ll do as I’m told lol

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Aye, amen to that!

Thank you for the support lol

When you got a game up and running drop me a message if I’m on Ill join lol

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I have added the build/specs to the original post. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Look at your spec build car is tuning allowed? Otherwise I’m ready to race when you start one

Friends request sent

Are you doing qualifying then main race points given or jump on track and how it ends is how it ends

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Tuning is allowed, just as long as the build stays the same. (Spec Series) And yes, there will be a qualifying round prior to the race.

I’m working out of town at the moment (maybe not this very moment), but will be home tomorrow evening.

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Ok magic then I’m ready to go as soon as it starts then

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If yall are up for it, I will be on for a short bit this afternoon/evening, and plan on doing a few test races (potentially) this Saturday at a time tbd. Hoping to get a good mix of oval and road testing in to see how the drivers interact and how the cars feel in a pack.