Chris Forsberg's new car is a 1300 HP Z34 Nissan Z

Chris Forsberg has revealed his new car, and it’s a Z34 Nissan Z with 1300 HP.

Forsberg’s Z is the first competitive use of the new 2023 Nissan Z, beating Nissan’s own Super GT by two weeks.

And the 1300 HP? Coming from a VR38DETT engine. As for the slight increase in width, this is thanks to Jon Sibal and Streethunter Designs. The paintjob was done by King’s Auto Body Shop.

The new Z driven by Forsberg is running on GT Radial tires, Rotiform wheels, and a set of custom BC Racing Coilovers.



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I hope this thing makes it to Forza…his last drift car was insane in FH, even stock. Fingers crossed. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: