Chiron missing 263hp compared to a few weeks ago?

I went back to fill in some aero numbers for the Chiron in a chart I was making to compare some cars. But I notice the Chiron now has only 1479hp and 1180tq. Compared to what I had recorded, 1742hp and 1390tq, playing with it after winning it a few weeks back. I do not see anything in any patch notes about anything changing with the Chiron.

Is my game simply bugging this particular day, was it bugging that particular day, or is this how Turn10 does things (no notification phantom changing of car parameters)? There’s nothing about any change on the Known Issues list, fixed or unfixed.

When the Divo was added in 2019 I made a note that it had the same engine stats as the Chiron. I don’t think they’ve been changed.