chevy Vega

Can anyone who has the Chevy Vega tell me when and where(how) they got it

Speciality dealer would be my guess

From the other thread it’s still unreleased

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Thank you for your guess but I am asking for info from some one who actually seen one in game, or has one in the garage.

No one has one in their garage.

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someone i drag race with said he got one from a photo contest. idk the validtly to that clam tho.

Photo contest last I checked was only offering previously rewards, the Vega isn’t one.

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SANDYxMUFFIN I see your response in the unreleased list that you posted TGspeedzter

I did a normal career race a while back and i saw someone having that 300SEL M-B so i figured it just randomly pops up those cars whether they have them or not. And that is the most unicorn of them all.

The cars in a career are not real people, they are just AI with people’s GamerTags to give the illusion of racing actual people, which can use any car in the game, including locked ones.