Cheers Turn 10 Devs!

I was playing today and taking some shots as usual for about an hour and an half and was waiting for the message to pop up saying ‘too many save files on this type please delete some to save more’ or whatever it says when you reach the photo limit., but i never did. And i was like nah, this isn’t right i don’t have that many slots left to save pictures surely. Then i went to creative hub and saw this:
(note that before my limit was 100 pictures)

Thank you sooo much FH4 devs for removing the photo limit. I cant wait to snap some more without the fear of having to delete pictures every few days!

The photo limit wasn’t removed it was just increased to 150, so you’re almost there. But still, any increase in storage is a good increase.

Ahhh, yes I see, I reached the limit today. That’s a bummer but still an increase is an increase.