Cheating in forza horizon 1

I’m tired of the laggers and cheaters in forza horizon 1 online in playground. Primarily who I see cheating on a constant and daily basis is the (ah4h) group, and their leader is [Mod Edit - D] he cheats as well, they use modded cars, and tour buses, and hacked physics like unstoppable grip/traction, they play dirty also by attacking you in king; they can’t play fairly. I’m tired of having to report them on Xbox live and calling the Xbox live hotline, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE yet!!!

I play fairly constantly, everyday and on a daily basis I never cheat or use modded vehicles, I offer my Xbox to be inspected by Microsoft just to prove it, why is this cheating still happening???

We don’t accuse any gamertag of misdeeds on the forums. Please remove the accusation.

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