Cheap dx12 card for FM6 Apex?

I’m not that much into PC stuff, I know there is a amd radeon hd 6850 in my computer right now, but its not capable of dx12.

so what is a cheap replacement to get access to apex?

Go ahead and get a RX480

a 470 isn’t much slower either, a 4gb 470 can be had for ~150 bucks now. fantastic bang for the buck.

470’s are historically < 10% slower than the 80. and that dude is quite a bit cheaper than the 80’s.

But if you wanna go 80, they’re not expensive.

Not a big jump in price for a good bump in performance.

The Geforce cards really aren’t playing the bang for bucks games currently. the 60 is tit for tat with the 480. but it’s at least 25-50 bucks more.

the 50 loses handily to the 70 all day, and isn’t cheaper.

That being said I run a 1070GTX and the new Ryzen platform. When Vega comes out I will likely early adopt that as well.

Hold everything , AMD Just introduced the 570/580 cards, and they are 5-15 percent faster for the same money.

SO definately be shopping for a 5xx series card.