Has Forza Apex updated it's DX12 Features?

Hello Guys, good afternoon!

Has Forza: Apex updated it’s DX12 Features? I am running a RADEON PRO WX7100 (Professional RX480), i am running Forza: Apex 4K@Ultra, 4x MSAA and still getting 60FPS, and i can really notice the Screen Quality Increase.

**Something happened under the hood to increase PC Performance that we don't know about ?**

Looking forward to your response.

I just watched your video and I’m amazed that the hardware you are using can run 4k/Ultra/60. My 4770k and 980Ti have some trouble with that, not to mention the stutter. Did you recently get new AMD drivers? Are you on the Windows 10 Creators update? I’m pretty sure this game hasn’t been updated in a long time and never will be with FM7 on the way.