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How can we improve our list of categories and subcategories?
Are there any we’ve overlooked?
Would you suggest changing an existing subcategory location to another category?

I looking at the restructure of the topics, I am not so sure that removing the Community Content from each ‘game’ and placing them all together will be beneficial. While there may be some overlap in content where this is a good idea, I really don’t like the idea of having the Racing Events, for example, for all the games lumped together in the same forum. I think it will be much more cumbersome if not confusing trying to find Horizon 5 specific content intermixed with similar content for all other games. Just an observation

Hi PG-Team,

i don’t find a proper space to post thi . so i hope, i may post it here (pls move it to the appropriat topic, if one exitst!): i do love FH and i do love listening to music - your stations all are great!

Though i do have a wish: maybe xou could add in an extra Countrymusic-Station? That would well round up the music and the ambience!

Players are submitting the same complaints for years #1 is LACK OF FUNCTION!! GAME FREEZES, CRASHING!!! It has come to the point it is unplayable. When are you guys going to fix it instead of trying to sell us garbage like car packs!!

being able to change your profile picture on this forum would be nice… i have no idea who that dude is next to my name but it certainly ain’t me.

you know, basic stuff that other companies already solved at the end of the '90s.

How are y’all just going to let Ubisoft add formula 1 cars to there open world game and refuse to add formula 1 car to your open world game. You have the ability to do so, why not!?!? Plus, there are still a lot of hackers plaguing the leaderboards, BTW!