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I looking at the restructure of the topics, I am not so sure that removing the Community Content from each ‘game’ and placing them all together will be beneficial. While there may be some overlap in content where this is a good idea, I really don’t like the idea of having the Racing Events, for example, for all the games lumped together in the same forum. I think it will be much more cumbersome if not confusing trying to find Horizon 5 specific content intermixed with similar content for all other games. Just an observation

Hi PG-Team,

i don’t find a proper space to post thi . so i hope, i may post it here (pls move it to the appropriat topic, if one exitst!): i do love FH and i do love listening to music - your stations all are great!

Though i do have a wish: maybe xou could add in an extra Countrymusic-Station? That would well round up the music and the ambience!

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