Cars - Toyota Supra RZ Speedometer wrong units

Speedo is in km/h but only goes to 180. So once you hit 111 mph; it’s maxed…

Need to change units to mph or give more headroom for km/h

That’s how JDM cars work though. There was once a regulation in Japan that forced car manufacturers to have the max speed of their cars be 180 km/h, but of course they only did it on the actual speedometers and the cars were much faster than that. This part of the A80 Supra, as well as dozens of other JDMs in the game, is accurate. What isn’t accurate however is the 3D model itself, as the body shape is entirely inaccurate.

Hmm. Good knowledge :+1:t3:

As a fun fact, however, I will tell you that the current 3D model of the A80 Supra in Forza belongs to a USDM model from Motorsport 1, which is also the case with many Japanese cars in FM. Horizon 2 also featured a USDM Supra used in a Fast & Furious movie.

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