Cars not showing visual upgrades

As said above, some of my cars won’t show the upgrades, only when I pick it the car shows the decals, wheels, paint etc. Anyone dealing with this issue?

It is a known bug - no fix yet but there is a work around (not sure but think it is fit the upgrades then paint or something similar).

I always upgrade before painting but I guess I’ll have to deal with it for a little while. Thanks anyway for replying

You can refresh the car’s preview image by repainting it, even if you don’t change the color. :wink:

So I’ve had this issue since I started playing, and I havnt seen any threads about it. Modifications on my cars aren’t showing up when I am going through my cars list. Most if them are shown as the stock image. However some of them show just some of the mods, for example one has the right paint job but won’t show the wheels or suspension change. Is there something I can do or just wait for an update?

Try this. Complete your upgrades and then head to the paint shop. Download a paint job, repaint the car or move a vinyl. Do something so the game saves the changes to the current car. It should also take a new snapshot for the My Cars listing with your mods in place.


This worked perfectly, thanks! Mods don’t cause the game to retake the image only design features do