Cars not in the autoshow

With horizon 4 coming out they should definitely give us a new update with all the Porsche’s and other cars that aren’t in the autoshow added ito it, like they did when they unlocked forza 7’s cars. Also add the barn finds. I’m sure when horizon 4 comes out they will put a sale on for horizon 3 which I’m sure a bunch of new players will get since it’ll be cheap. And I’m sure forzathon will end soon so the only way for people to get there’s cars and barn finds is to spend like $10 mil on each car which would be outrageous. Who agrees? (I’m sure legend painters and tuners selling the exclusive cars won’t. I’m an elite painter and have somewhat higher price options but i’d Still rather them in the autoshow.

Isn’t forzathon new to horizon with fh3? Who’s to say it’ll end now or end of life? They could just do a none stop rotation. Which I hope they do.

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I hope so to, but i doubt it will go on by the next FM release. With FH4 out, FM8 within 2 years, and work on FH4 presumably starting, I don’t think it will be worth the effort.