Cars - Dodge Challenger SRT Demon - Gauges are hard to read and appear missing (1651463)

I unlocked the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon on Forza Motorsport after completing the power tour.
I took it for a spin and the first thing I notice is the missing digital odometer that’s in-between the tachometer and the speedometer. I went back to Forza Motorsport 7 and the digital odometer is actually present on Forza 7’s model, hopefully this gets sorted out soon.

Here are screenshots for comparison:

Forza Motorsport 7:

Forza Motorsport:

While you’re at it, please try to update the supercharger sound for this Demon because it sounds off! It should sound in-sync with the V8 music

The amount of issues with the car models this time around is quite crazy, I think I have reported around 15 issues today and there is probably more. I don’t understand how they screwed up this bad when the issues weren’t present i previous games.


And also considering the amount of developement time they’ve had this time, you’d think after all this time everything would be just fine…I wonder what really happened that caused all of these issues. Even the replay (one of the most basic things in a racing game) is not working.

Its unacceptable


Yeah I don’t get it…

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While were at it can we point out a few more issues with this car?

  • The splitter is supposed to be plastic not body color it matches the grill. Shows with custom colors.
  • The insert on the hood is supposed to be plastic not body color
  • The spoiler is matte paint in reality.
    • This isn’t that big of an issue cause you can paint it
    • Use the manufacture color to get it to show as matte
  • Also seen in the image the texturing on the silver part of the console that is cool is gone
  • The steering wheel looks like alcantara now instead of the previous wheel that matches what I have seen IRL
  • The valve covers are supposed to be red as well and are blue in the game.
    • On Hellcats
      • Block and Valve covers are both orange
      • Pully belt is black
    • On Demons
      • Block and Valve covers are both red on Demons
      • Pully belt is black
    • On Redeyes and Superstocks
      • Blocks are Black
      • Valve covers are red
      • Pully belt is green

Man, this is a prize car too. Missing speedo and demon logo on the screen. Killing me. Every time I pick up the game there a new obvious error. Its like whoever tested it missed alot. Let me test it. I can notice a difference between this and horizon in a second. And, the FUEL GAUGE. HELLO.


Dodge demons center digital display wont work.

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We are closing out this issue. The developers have noted this issue as Fixed as of Update 6 on 03.11.24

If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. Please link this topic in the new topic for reference and provide video/screenshots to help the investigation.

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