Cars - Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray - Vinyls Overlapping Weirdly on Parts of the Body

The new 2024 E-Ray has some unusual issues regarding parts of the Trim on the Body being overlapped when the Body of the Car is repainted and Vinyls are applied.

• Credit goes to u/Kitten-Nation on Reddit for assisting me with Images from their Series S Console. You can find their original Reddit Post showing some of these issues here

  1. On the Sides there’s a vent which is normally body colour but if you apply a decal to that area to accent it as Trim then it gets a bit smudgy and overlaps weirdly.

The Body of the Car being painted White and the Vent having Black Decals to show this overlapping discrepancy

The same area but showing the affect with a Purple Body Colour

Repainting one of the Black Decals in Red to show how it overlaps

  1. The Front Bumper of the Car also has issues.

This Portion (in Red) of the Bumper is counted as the Top/Roof of the Car in the Section Selection as opposed to being part of the Front Bumper Section.

Then it also has a weird overlap with how the Vinyls are connected from the Top to the Bottom

Again thank you to Kitten Nation on Xbox Series S for providing me with the photos.

Glad someone posted this. This has been bothering me since the car came out, and it’s been bothering me more once I got it in my garage.

What you see there is rather normal. Many cars suffer from this and I doubt we’ll ever see a fix for this as it would mean they’d have to remap a good part of the cars. Which would result in existing liveries getting messed up and that’s nothing I want to see again.

I mean they fixed it on the 850 widebody…

That’s something different as this one was really messed up. Many other cars have these overlapping parts you’re talking about. It has something to do with how cars in Forza are mapped and is something painters moan about since ages.