Cars - BMW M3 GTS 2010 - Missing half-cage and shift light (1743638)

The M3 GTS is a track homologated version of the E92 M3. It comes equipped with a half roll cage and rear seat delete. You got the rear seat delete right, but the half cage is missing. The shift light on the tach should be on it and the standard M3. It used to be there, but has since been removed. Breaks immersion in cockpit and driver cams.

Also, why does the muffler look like it’s one piece? Not talking about the tips, but the muffler. There should be 2 right behind the tips. This car is in DIRE need of a new scan / 3D model.

Edit: Something else that bugs me is that the suspension isn’t adjustable by default. IRL M3 GTS comes with adjustable KW suspension. M4 GTS does too.

Hey there, if you want to know why:

M3 GTS appeared in Forza starting with FH1. FH1 has everything the M3 GTS had, especially the shift light and the half cage.

And later on, when it returns to FH4, it got remodeled but downgraded. I really think that Forza devs allegedly copy-pasted the standard E92 M3 and slapped a few GTS parts on it, resulting to these inaccuracies you mentioned. The inaccuracies even existed in FH5, and now the new Motorsport.

They should’ve retextured the FH1 model instead. The issue persisted since FH4. No wonder why an X360 model for this car looked very accurate unlike the other cars in that era.

Forza Horizon 1 model:

FH4, FH5, FM23 model: