Cars - Automobili Pininfarina Battista - Terrible Cockpit POV/FOV & Inaccurate Dual Display Textures

Just like the C8 Corvette Stingray, the Pininfarina Battista is plagued by the odd camera position in first person mode.

The cockpit camera is extremely high and unnatural, almost touching the butterfly door panels which is truly fair from the IRL car’s low slung driving position.

It is almost impossible to drive this car in this mode in FH5.

FORZA Motorsport 2023, a game I personally despise and have given up, actually nailed the camera view in cockpit mode.

These camera position issues shouldn’t be existing in the first place on new cars, and that too on a PAID DLC Car.

Also, the dual digital driver’s displays are fully gloss with gloss black surrounds and not matte in IRL. They are also equally lit. I keep seeing these matte infotainment texture issue on almost every new car when they shouldn’t be matte.

On behalf of the FORZA fans and myself who paid for the car pack, please fix the camera and the display textures as soon as possible

Cockpit Camera View in FH5

VS Cockpit Camera View in FM 2023 (pls ignore the FM’s poor texture rendering and lighting)

IRL Driver Display Textures on the Battista - notice they are glossy and have gloss black frames.

Completely agree with you!

This is a glaring example of a general issue which still exists in FH5. The often wrong FPV made me mostly stop using it for driving.

And we are talking about a car driving game. I really wonder how this can happen during car modelling.

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also two screens have two different textures…left window is natural one n windscreen feels like tinted one…