Cars - Aston Martin Vakyrie AMR Pro - no advanced paint options on the main body

Bug Info: See title. There’s an option for the livery with red accents, but there’s no way to give the car the same accents in different colors. So there’s (probably, I’m not a livery god) no way to replicate the 002 AMR Pro that’s in all the reviews and press photos. Unsure if bug or deliberate design choice.

The “Guacamole” AMR Pro preset, with lime (or avocado depending on how you look at it) paint and red (or orange) accents

002 AMR Pro for reference

Note the lack of a plus sign here. Should be one at the bottom left of the spray can tile.

This pops up when you hit X on that tile.

Platform: Steam
Edition: Standard
Account: Solo account
PC GPU: NVidia RTX 2060 Mobile, on latest drivers
Peripheral: Standard Xbox Series X Controller

I’d raise it as a bug as well for sure. Seems very strange that there are accents on one pains scheme, but we can’t customise it.


In some cases bugs will not be fixed due to a variety of reasons. The developers have noted this issue as a high risk fix.

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