Carpass cars date-locked?

Hi, every car from the 2019 911 onward is locked on my car pass - the ones already released say “release date 17/01/2019” and 24/01/2019. Have restarted the console, rebooted the game, fully removed and reinstalled all content and still nothing.

Any ideas?

Edit: During the course of the reinstallation process, have uninstalled every one of the car pass cars then reinstalled the car pass, which redownloads them all.

I don’t know but I’m having the same issue.

Is it the same cars you can’t access, or does it start earlier/later?

I’m having the same issue on PC but if I play for a bit or restart the game they seem to work. It’s like they’re on a delay for some reason.

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So for anyone wanting a solution, waiting seemed to work. Gave it half an hour while I blitzed out the forzathon stuff and when I was done they were available.

Have you reinstalled the car pass?

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