Career mode track variety (lack there of)

I’m about to finish the second to last racing series in career mode and I’ve noticed a severe lack of track variety in the race series through the career thus far. I’ve raced on spa, silverstone, and Sonoma maybe a million times but on Long Beach maybe once or twice, nordschleife once, and if you told me Le Mans wasn’t in the game I’d believe you. Anyone else notice this? Is there a setting I accidentally turned off/on?

I think it also depends on the divisions which you select, but yes some tracks are more present than others. I think I raced on Le Mans 3 to 5 times during the career. I wish there would have been more races on the tracks in Prague, Rio and Dubai, which from a presentation perspective look better than the other ones.

Don’t worry, you will race in all circuits. Yes, maybe some track are more present than other, but it depend by the “race type” (e.g. Forza GT or sport compact).
Anyway, in my opinion the most frequent circuit is Virginia, and you have to believe me, much more better to race in Spa, Monza, Sonoma and so on all the time than to race in Virginia.