Career bugs

Career racing series
So I’m almost done my career, I have two achievements lingering within reach, but now I can’t progress.
My gt race series was going smooth but when I got to four races left, that was it . It won’t let me progress. Every time I try to pick up where I left off it kicks me back to the main title screen.
Prototype 1 racing let me do the whole series but when I completed the final Le Mans race it still says I have one race. So I did the final race five times,but still no progress.
Hopefully somebody else has encountered this problem as I have and hopefully this will be resolved soon.

I’m in the same boat but thee is an update coming with the new car pack. I am hearing that it might have a fix for our problem.

Thanks for the motivation I was taking a break from the game
but now because you said that I want to jump back on and see if that was a fix