Car-Specific Settings Menu

How about adding a menu that’s specific to settings of that car?

It’s a menu similar to the tuning menu, but is for settings that have nothing to do with performance related setup.

Settings that can be found in this menu:

  • Steering wheel related settings
    (FFB settings currently found under tunes, not accessible when renting a car)

  • Camera settings
    (camera offset (much requested feature!), different FOV)

  • Audio levels/settings
    (not all cars are as loud, specific audio levels for engine, tires, transmission, exhaust burble, etc.)

  • HUD settings
    (setting for the analog style tacho on older cars and digital for new)

  • Car specific assist settings
    (overruling general setting, like forcing TCS/ABS off on cars that don’t have it stock)

  • Other?

This menu should be accessible in the home menu when you’ve selected a car, the menu before the race and when doing a Test Drive under the ‘Car’ tab. These settings should always be available, even when renting a car.

Maybe also make it possible to save these settings like you can with tunes.

Let me know what you think of this idea!

This is a brilliant idea actually


Thank you! I believe this would be a great QoL improvement for the game.

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It would be good if we could set the POV for every car separetly like the forcefeedback.

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A nice option with this would be the possiblity to save the settings like a tune. This way you can switch between different presets you’ve made (for different uses) and share you settings with others.

It would be preferred that these presets are shared as ‘unlocked’, so you can always copy/adjust the values and settings.


Car specific controller settings would also be nice. Sensitivity / linearity / etc.


Voted. :+1:
Compared to things like complex real-time physics, I’m inclined to think that QoL features like this are much simpler to implement - and they add so much to games.


Maybe a nice addition to this might be the setting to change LED colours on racecars.
Various racecars have coloured LEDs to help identify them, mainly when racing in the dark or when a team is running multiple cars with a similar livery. An example is the LEDs in the Porsche 963 headlights when it’s in the pitlane:

Could someone with photoshop talent maybe make a concept of what this could look like?