Car restrictions is a confusing mess


Why is it so difficult to work out what car is best suited to a race when the restrictions don’t seem to even work.

I went to the Quarry and entered into the seasonal championship race PvP, I believe the championship was called Skyfall, that’s what popped up anyway.
The car list showed me a Aston Martin DB5 from the Bond car pack, great I thought, sounds like a bond themed race, after all the race is called SkyFall.

Enter race, 4 players have the same DB5 in the A class I think it was, 4 other players have S class turbo charged 4x4!!!

What nonsense is this? what is the point of race restrictions.

Sounds similar to the off road one where if you have an eligible car, it’ll be a class, but if you have to rent one, it’ll be d class. Guess which class won’t win…:grin:

And to rub salt on it, the race restrictions we’re A class off road…

A race in a quarry is for SUVs. But when i’ve entered it first time it became a super saloon race. Second time - skyfall. Is it a bug, or when you enter pvp mode game just queues you into a random season event?