Car randomly stops accelerating??


Just got the game and installed it but having problems with the driving which is quite frustrating and driving me mad.

The car randomly stops accelerating for some reason and have to keep releasing and pressing UP again to accelerate. This keeps happening which is making the game unplayable. I’ve tried turning the assists off completely incase it’s auto braking or something and changing the keyboard controls to the WASD keys aswell but neither helps. This bug is even happening on the straight roads so it can’t be assists and never had this issue with the previous Forza games.

I tried using a cheap controller which kinda fixes this bug but then develops another bug which causes the car speed to kind of stutter/hang when turning. It’ll just bounce up and down a couple of MPH at the same speed.

Any ideas on what the problem is and how I can fix this?

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Sound sliek a ghosting problem with the keyboard, Some keyboards you can only press so many buttons before it stops responding, I’m no expert in keyboards, but I have had my fair share of keyboards that did this. Some keyboards it was as little as 4 button presses before it just stopped responding, have to release and hit fewer buttons.

Only way to fix this is to get a new anti ghosting keyboard, which most entry level keyboards have this now a days, or better yet a controller, the game plays so much better with one.

"I installed the demo of the game and when I start to play and accelerate the car he suddenly starts to lose speed. It can take 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, there is no fixed pattern. If I touch the keys again, it gains speed, but it does not last long.
I’ve experimented with different keyboards, different disks, installed a new version of windows 10, created a new profile in microsoft, nothing solved.
I have a 1060 nvidia.
I wanted to buy the game, but I’m afraid that this problem that happens in the demo, can continue in the game.
Any idea? "

I put this post a few days ago but no one answered me.
I contacted microsoft suport, but they did not respond to me, they ignored the email.

Submit a ticket here and attach a video capture if you can.


To add to the problem, I also noticed that when I turn using the keyboard, the cars screech and leave tyre marks on the floor everytime as if the wheels/brakes are locking up. This happens even for the slightest turn and also noticed the cars steer less in comparison to when using a controller. It’s as if it’s stuck half way between ABS ON and OFF.

Never experienced or heard about this before. It’s a newish decent keyboard so wouldn’t think it would be that would be the cause. Never had problems like this in any other games, including Forza 6, 7 and Horizon 3 but never know.

Yeah, think I came across your post and seems like we both have the same problem :confused:

I did find that using a controlpad made it heaps better and playable. I’m currently using a cheapo Ebay controller with a program called Xoutput to make it work with Forza as it’s not an original Xbox controller but still have to use keyboard for menus. I have purchased an genuine controller in hope that it works better.

Will try and do that, thanks.

It can be a problem depending on the keyboard, What make and model the keyboard?

Like I’ve said, pressing too many keys at once will either cancel out all inputs until all keys are released, or on some keyboards will act like you are slamming down the key without touching the keyboard.

Most gaming oriented keyboards to get around this they install multiple HID Keyboard Devices in device manger, my Corsair K63 has 5 different HID Keyboard Device entries to get around this ghosting problem. PS/2 keyboards wont have this Ghosting problem.

Some keyboards it can be up to 3 keys pressed at once before it has a problem registering another key, some it can be a little more like 4 or 5 keys at once before it has problems. Yes I did a bit more research on this before posting a 2nd time.

It’s not a keyboard problem. I tried several different keyboards and the problem continued