Car Pass | car #2 - Nov. 25th

The Week 1 car is now available! You can add the 2019 Subaru STI S209 to your garage for FREE from the Car Collection menu, from the Autoshow (sort by Value), or from the Car Pass menu at a Festival Site or Player House to see the calendar of released and upcoming Car Pass models.

The S209 is #NewToForza


Weren’t these sent as gifts previously?

Maybe in a earlier game. but the 2019 STI have not been given for free.

I meant the weekly car pass cars were sent as gifts so players didn’t have to go looking for them. Not everyone is on the forum or socials so hopefully there’s an in game message letting people know where to find them.

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I can’t remember that happening. You always had to download them from the autoshow.

They have never been sent to players. You always had to go to store to get them or get them through car pass menu which is easier and quicker.

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I put a WR Blue Pearl paintjob on it in the storefront. Gold wheels aswell.

No. It was only available in the game from 18/11/2021

Nice. Its got quite a nice wide body kit for it too.

Nice. Thank you.

Not particularly exciting, but I usually like a Subaru. And I like a chonkbody kit.

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I think there is a bug logging out while driving the 2019 STI.
When I load the game, I’m always in first Forza car, Supra, instead of the 2019 sti I have been using. It’s a slightly annoying to swap cars. Is anyone else having this problem?

The 2nd weekly car in the #ForzaHorizon5 Car Pass is now available to collect: add it to your garage from the Car Collection menu, Autoshow, or Car Pass menu for free.

The 1967 Renault 8 Gordini is #NewToForza.

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I chassis-tuned the S209 yesterday for road racing, bumping it to B700 with minimal chassis upgrades. Its understeer corrects with a lower front anti-roll bar setting, and more rear rebound and less front bump quickened the turn-in. Running sweet and fast.

Front ARB 24, rear rebound 12. FRONT bump 5.4.

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