Car loses all power in endurance race

Hello. Somewhere around a week ago, I know for sure it was before the 9/15 release, I was driving one of the Audi R18s (I believe it was the later one) in Showcases - Endurance Racing - Sebring 300 and ran into a problem. At around lap 11, my car started losing power, almost like TCS was kicking in or something. It started getting worse and worse through that lap. At one point I kept losing more and more power until it just came to a stop. No engine response at all. The throttle was responding fine, I saw the meter for it moving normally. Then I checked the telemetry to see if maybe my engine was blown. It had zero damage. I had obvious tire wear, and I think a little body damage, yet the engine and all the drivetrain were just fine. So I was unable to move the car at all. My only option was to quit the race.
I only tried it that one time, I don’t get too optimistic about spending all that time in an endurance race for nothing. Hopefully it is a very rare occurrence. I just wanted to put it up here in case other people have the same trouble and it can get fixed.

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Ran out of fuel maybe?

Either that happened or its possible that you destroyed your engine from overreving it to many times.

he said he checked his telemetry and no damage

sounds like you ran out of fuel like boze74 said

Definitely sounds like fuel. The fuel gauge is the white bar inside your speedo on the hud - it will go gray as the fuel runs out. The faster racecars burn through their fuel at a surprising rate.

Happend to me as well in the intro Indycar race. Not sure what happend but i also had no damage, and damage and fuel was turned off afaik. Last 3 laps in a 7 ish lap race was like that and i almost lost the race when i suddenly had no power. Downshifting seemed to help tho, but still. Strange.

Yeaaaah…it was the fuel. I ran it again and watched it. Silly me not to think of that, haha. What a sad endurance race fan I am.

Good news is…I learned something today. Engines…need fuel to run! What a crazy concept! haha

Happy racing!


I’ve run many 20-50 lap enduro races and I’m finding most of my cars have the fuel capacity of a Weasel Bladder. A Ferrari 333SP shouldn’t run out of fuel after 3 laps at Le Mans while the Audi will get 8 laps. My Ferrari F-50 gets 4 laps before empty. I end up having to do double the pit stops of any other AI car in the R and P classes. NOT realistic at all and certainly an AI unfair advantage. Yes, this IS in full sim mode at Pro level.

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The Audi runs out of fuel at lap 11. I pit every 10 laps for that race. Unless of course, you have Crash Damage off, then your fuel will be unlimited, but where’s the fun in that?

For what it’s worth, the cars in the game all have poor fuel economy relative to their real-world counterparts. The LMP race cars go about 15 laps on Le Mans in real life while the same cars can barely muster 4 laps in Forza 6. And tires usually wear out faster than fuel in the real world, but in Forza 6, tire wear is non-existent.

Muscle cars have horrendous thirsts. Ten laps at Rio will defeat them, as will four laps at Le Mans. Love it!

The exact same thing just happend to me on the endurance race on Le mans. Would be nice to get that info before the race…

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How are you that stupid to not know that the fuel was the problem. I did the same race to see what your problem was and I was right all along FUEL!

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