Car Horn Studio - Save Custom Horns and Share with Friends

I always loved music and thought it would be cool to play music via horns. Made a forums post trying to get a project started but not enough time to make it a reality (will eventually get there: Music to my Ears - Playing Music with Horns?), but I thought it would be cool for the future to have a built in custom horn creator. We already have quite a few notes given to us via the horns. Getting different horns and such seems like something that will never disappear from the title and the future titles. I think it would be cool to allow us to create out own horns via a studio in game. Almost like an older DS game known as Warioware DIY ( It doesn’t have to be extremely complex, just enough. In which you could make your own music with given sounds. It doesnt have to just be the notes specifically given to us. We could cut parts out of musical horns and extend them for different pitches. For fellow musicians it would give us another spot to play around with the horns. As well as have a section within the studio to share your custom made music with others. It could also allow even more creativity amongst the community and allow your creative juices to flow. Making music within video games isnt completely new. Sorta like Warioware mentioned earlier. A more popular would be noteblock artists within Minecraft. I discussed it further in my Playing Music with Horns project above.