Car disappear from garage.

So i buy car from autoshow earlier today, i build it and tested it and then i buy another car and when few moments later i went to my garage i didint find that car i buy earlier in nowhere. I then check autoshow it show “owned” but cant see that on my garage. I try to restart horizon but nothing happend (except that car i was using was changed) i reboot my xbox and still cant see that car on my garage.

Another thing that i notice today is that game show that i have 537 cars on my garage but when i count every car on my garage i got 535, so i have 2 cars on my garage that i cant see.

Had same issue, submitted ticket, received an investigating response.

Stopped playing until the garage limit is increased

Yeah, dont have enough garage space anyway so cars that cant see on garage dont make things any easier. And retro yes i submit ticket allredy #16316

Make sure you submit a ticket here with all the information and include any screenshots that you might have.