Car Clubs

Hey this might be a stupid question but does anybody know how to start/create/make a new car club? Also if anybody is looking to join one please reply. Let me just figure out how to make one


No car clubs yet in Forza 5. I do hope i am correct in saying “yet”. Happy racing =)

Thanks Bertus Maximus I’ve been looking and searching all week thanks!

Based off of your name, I am assuming you were looking to start/find an Evo club?

i hope they do,it was a useful feature and great for friends!

Hugely miss the car clubs. I was really looking forward to bringing our club to Forza 5 and was bummed when the club feature didn’t make it. We’re still very early into this game so there is plenty of time to bring them back with an update if they decide to.

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As others have said there are no Clubs in Forza 5. If you wish to request they add it you can post in the Forza Motorsport 5 Game Features Wish List. I’m sure if you look some already have asked for it.