Can't Load Certain Things

After i reinstalled FM7, problems again, it seems like the Bugatti Chiron is cannot be loaded like when i go it, it crashes. Same for Mugello Automotive, load the track, crash. And even on long beach, when i finish, crash again.

And i haven’t scrolled through all cars and tracks yet. So expect to be expanded.

Does this have to do with the Warranty End?

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Are you on xbox or pc

Have you tried fully shutting down your pc or xbox
Not just off and back on

If on pc what are your pc specs

And what warranty are you even talking about

I mean something when you buy on a certain date, once a year has passed, it may be broken.

How to fully shut Xbox?

Shut if off, pull the power cord for a minute, plug it back in and fire it up.

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How can you do that with a Powerbox used for turning on TV and my Xbox.

pull the plug out of the back of the xbox , or pull the plug out of the wall, not gonna hurt having the tv off for a minute

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I also have sone serious issuses with liveries such as when i paint it, go to decals, and the stock color is used, and can’t use Keywords.

Well that’s an xbox live issue since fm7 uses the same language filter

Is there a temporary or even a permanent fix.
Also when i add drivatards, it takes too long to load.