Can't get to championship 28

Can anyone please advise me why I am able to get to Championship 28 on three and to Championship 27 on the other 3. Im obviously havent got enough points, credits, etc to get to the last of the championships and its annoying.

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. Could you clarify the question?

What do you mean by “championship 28”? What are the “other three” you can’t reach 27 on? What is “27”?

Also: are you on XB360 or Xbox1?

Iam lost with youre question too if u can be more specific theirs plenty of people with advice")

They are going for the 168 championships achievement.

Each of the 6 locations has 28 championships.

At 3 locations they have 28/28.

At the other 3 they have 27/28 and they can not start the 28th.

My guess is they have a Storm Island championship half finished. Finish that and then go back to main map.