Can't get back in The Eliminator Arena

I just started doing the Eliminator and I do not understand the Arena. If I get outside of the Arena, I can’t get back inside the dome if you will. I look at the map and head towards the dome, but I never can get close to it, it is if I am standing still. I am moving but it seems like the Area boundary keeps moving away from me. Any ideas as to what is happening? Thanks.

Hi @TechSgtVsquared , bug should be reported at the troubleshooting hub.

Thank you, but I do not believe I will be able to do this. Before I took my long break I was unable to sign in to support. Apparently the support team blocked me because of what they did to me. I replied to their reply, and believe me I was not Mr. Nice Guy, and I feel I had every right to blow up at them. Anyways I just came back, and I tried to sign in to support, and apparently I am still blocked. Have a nice day!

I play The Eliminator a lot and haven’t encountered this. When the arena shrinks it moves very quick and around 200 mph. If you’re outside the the dotted lines of where the arena will shrink to next you really should aim to be inside this almost by the time the arena starts to shrink.

You really want to avoid building up any time outside the arena as when the final showdown comes you can’t hit the arena wall before zero otherwise you run the risk of being eliminated. If you have no time outside the arena on the little bar then you can hit the arena boundary a couple of seconds early.

I am eliminated every time. I get the message to get back to the Area before the timer bar fills up. As I said when I am heading back towards the Area it does not stay still, but it keeps moving away from me as I am heading towards it.

I did what you suggested by going to the troubleshooting hub, but I was not allowed to add a post. I was able to put the subject but could not add my issue in the text box. I have it with this forum.