Can't find the free DLCs on Xbox

The 1967 Sunbeam Tiger and the 1979 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus have recently been relisted, however, I cannot find them on Xbox.

Can any one help?

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They working to solve the problem.


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They are in the game, in the Marketplace.

Edit to say I meant the AutoShow in game. Go to the Horizon Festival and look in the list of cars available in there. They both are listed as FREE under Sunbeam and Talbot.

Otherwise I have the same issue on Series X as everyone else, missing every purchased car pack and add on, no VIP, houses missing, etc. But I own both the Sunbeam and the Talbot now along with the previous Mitsubishi Car Pack.

You didn’t get the issue of a shut down marketplace don’t you ?

The cars are showing in the Autoshow/Garage/Marketplace… that isn’t the problem…
The problem is once you select them it’s prompting you to go to the Store, which is wrong.
And of course from the Store you can’t get them.
(You can from your download history, DLC page, and Games&Apps management menu).
In the case that you already owned the content, it should be simply selectable and usable.

We’re talking about the Sunbeam and the Talbot. They are both FREE in the AutoShow after being relisted. Did you read the first post asking about them and where they are?

No I wasn’t talking about these two cars, but a whole bunch more of other (paid) DLCs…
Also I think my post was moved to this topic because I remember posting in another one.

There’s an update released now that should solve the issue