Can't buy Forza 6 Ultimate in Canada?

It seems you cannot buy Forza 6 Ultimate Edition in Canada…does anyone know why?

The Xbox store only has the standard edition in Canada and it won’t let me buy from the US store. No physical stores seem to sell Ultimate dition.

The Ultimate Edition is only available via the Microsoft Online Store:

If still unavailable you should contact Microsoft support.

You should be able to. I’m in Canada and I purchased the ultimate edition (only available online) a few weeks back

yes you can its 114.99 can and if you preorder today you can download it and start playing it tomorrow rather than the 15th

Just buyed in console store at 114.99$ + tx without problem. Maybe restart your console. (hold xbox button like 5-6 seconds)

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Hello!! i’m in italy and also i can’t purchase the ultimate edition online, and also on the xbox market the ultimate edition doesn’t exist anymore, available is the standard and deluxe :frowning:

update: rebooted my router, got back to the XboxOne and bought the Ultimate Edition Straight away!!!


stupid me that this morning i went and open a new credit card for Forza 6 since i had many problems with the purchase!!!

I must be missing something…so I now see it listed in the store. It wasn’t when I checked 2 days ago (I did a live chat thing and the support agent confirmed it wasn’t available).

The ultimate edition is listed here for $114.99:

So I click the ‘Download from Xbox Store’ link, and every single time it brings me to the American store page:

If I try to buy from here (listed as $99) it makes me add an American credit card (which I don’t have). I’m logged in to my Canadian Xbox Live account, and I verified it’s in the Canadian region with a Canadian credit card. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to buy this game…