Can't buy car using available credits

In many cases I am not able to buy cars at the credit price displayed. In these cases I can only buy in the car packs or individually. Why is that? How can I buy the car at the credit price rather than purchase with USD $?

An example I want to buy a Jaguar at CR 110,000; however, when I attempt to acquire I am sent to a screen to by the individual car at $2.99, or purchase one of the available car packs. How can I purchase cars at the CR rather than additional $?


These cars are only available to purchase with real money. When you’ve purchased them (with real money) you can then buy them in game for free (0CR) the first time and for the indicated CR for each subsequent purchase. That’s how the CR figure into it.

You have to purchase the DLC with real money before you can buy the car in game with CR.


Thanks for the reply.

also the Jag F-Type (what you were trying to buy) is pretty good… hope you can get the carpass at some point.