Can't bought any DLC cars

I just bought the game last week, the Ultimate Edition on Windows 10. But i can’t buy any cars from DLC … they are installed, but i got from anywhere (even the Auction House ) :
Marketplace error : failed to download data from the market, try again later.

Can’t find anything on the support or anyway to contact a support.
Any tips ?


  1. InGame Pause>Menu>Marketplace (right)>CarPacks it should show the carpacks with check marks
    click on it or all and it should show the cars and if not bought before as free

otherwise exit game
try logout from microsoft store and back in, make sure same account is used ingame
make sure in microsoft store is ‘…’>Settings>Oflline use turned on (but you cant use the cars offline)
click forza ultimate in store it shows addons select carpass (yellow icon) click install it should install alot of cars
check the other addons ‘Barrett-Jackson’, ‘Sunbeam’ and install
goto 1


Thank you for your answer. I think i have found what is rong this morning, but i dont know how to fix thix yet…

When i go to Windows 10 settings, and Games, to Xbox Network it said NAT Teredo is unable to qualify, and the connectivity to the server is “Blocked”.
Idon’t know why i have hundrund of games with multiplayer, i never had any issues … maybe my Comodo firewall ?

Its Microsofts xboxlive ipv6 thingy
im using comodo too so i know u have to enable windows firewall again it is disabled by comodo

allow fh4 in comodo

click windows icon type firewall it shows windows-security click on it and there firewall turn it on

goto xbox live settings and click repair in the network section then check again
if it fails make sure your router allows teredo tunneling

then allow fh4 in windows firewall too when game starts

but thats multiplayer thing you should be able to use the cars anyway

Also make sure to enable Teredo passthrough in your router settings.

I can’t make it work … i took all the evening yesterday … i open every ports (3074, 88, 500, 80, 53, 3544, 4500, + a random) on my router. Now i can have a NAT moderate or Open, but still a server blocked. I try group policy with my country teredo server, i can ping it, but still blocked on xbox network check.
In game now it try to find a multiplayer session but never found any.

FH4 exe is alowed in my comodo. I turn on firewall windows but it said comodo is the main firewall. Server still blocked.

I try to see the teredo network adaptater but i never found it, even in the windows microsoft driver, it is here because i can manage it with cmd, but cant see it.

For what you say bellow, for the carpass (yellow icon) this is strange,on my windows store it displayed as manage … but when i go to the carpass page it show me all dlc, all of them are installed, only the yellow one on top have install button. but when i go to the yellow car pass page, it sayd it’s allready installed. If i click to install it start, never finish and stay with install button.

try resetting the windows store

‘windowsicon’ type wsreset it shows bla execute command

and try

Ok i did that. But this morning i uninstall FH4 because it was on my games HDD, but the folder is locked by windows … so i uninstall the game and install it on my SSD, the 1st loading is really long. Usually i use a symlink, but with the strange right of the folder i prefer install again.
But Windows store is not resuming download … i have a 12mb/s internet connection … 45Go of 90 for the day, i paused the download to install the last windows update, and reboot, and when i wanted to resume the download … start to 0 …!!!.. so i will tell you in 2 days now … if it’s working :expressionless:

Nothing works … can’t get any cars … :cry:

What is the settings to do ? I open a lot of ports UDP and TCP.

OMG i found it !
I launch the game, go to the error message, open comodo, take a look of last softwares blocked, classified by date. I took the last 4 exe from windows folder, take a look if there are safe, and allowed them. And it’s working \o/

I think RuntimeBroker.exe (from c:\Windows\System32) is the one who need to be open.

Multiplayer is still not working, by i think it’s because i don’t have IPV6 on my internet line. Or to much hardware from my router to my computer ? (Internet router -cable-> Wifi router → Wifi repeater -cable-> Switch -cable-> computer). But i don’t have the strength to see why the first game in 25 years can find a multiplayers server …

Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:

Is the NAT moving ?
Because yersterday i find a way to make it work, server reach … but not all the time … yesterday i did that :

  • On COMODO i allowed all Windows/Microsoft EXE i had bloked past years
  • i turn on windows fireall and set up to default by following this page : Xbox Support
  • i have turn on 2 services, i don’t know english words, if i translate them it’s : IP conversion configuration service (v4 to v6 and vice versa), and Network configuration service (who manage network low level).

And server was reach and multiplayer On !
But 1 hour after, my NAT was moderate and server blocked (i notice the 2 services, never stay started, they turn off quickly) … i did nothing and this mornig at 7 AM and 10 AM, the NAT was open and server reach.
But now (3 PM) … Nat is moderate and server blocked … and i didn’t touch anything since yeasterday … really weird.

I try to turn of Comodo 15mn, server is still blocked.

Setup fixed ip in your networksettings in ipv4 and uncheck ipv6
then open the ports in router for this ip

or change the ip to the one u have already opened the ports. if your router allows you can check ‘give device same ip’ then no need to change in networksetting