Can't access Auction House, Liver Designs, Vinyl Groups or Clubs

So this is an issue that developed today without me changing any settings. Some background. I’m on windows 10 so please don’t ask me to do anything involving a console. My account was setup as a family account with mine being the parental and my son being the secondary. On both accounts I enabled all permissions on This includes all permissions for Privacy, Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety and Xbox 360 Online Safety. Everything is either allow, Everyone or friends. The specific setting of “You can see and upload community creations” is set to everyone. I have since removed my sons child account and no longer have mine setup as a family account. Just a few days ago I was playing and this was a non issue. I could access livery’s and the auction house and even made a few purchases. When I check community settings on the game bar or console companion app it shows for Nat open and Xbox Live connected so I’m fairly sure this isn’t a teredo issue. Help would be greatly appreciated as this is incredible frustrating.

Contact Forza Support and Xbox Support if you think it’s account settings related.