Cannot share tunes (PC issue)

When I try to share a car tune I get the message

Inappropriate Content
You specifies something that was blocked by the language filter. Please try again.

I only have 344 tunes shared and I have not been able to share any more.

Anyone have any advice?

You more or less answered it yourself.
You triggered language filter by tune name or description, change them.

If it would be the limit, it would say " You have too many saves …"

I should have stated that Forza will save my tune privately and not share it.

e.g. “Heart 31” saved to a private tune, but I still get the error above. It does not matter what I call the tune, it will not share.

In the Horizon 4 known issues it says "Share code is not available for tunes. "

If any name triggers that language filter, maybe contact support about it.

You can get share codes for tunes, search them among suggested tunes, filter by your name or whoever you search for. There all have share codes.

What’s in the description you are entering? I’ve had the language filter block the letter after “E” in a series of pictures that I was taking. Also had a legitimate word blocked because it was close to other words that I guess could be questionable. Otherwise, have you tried a completely different name?

An example of a tune name I was trying to use was “Jeep 31”.

Interestingly enough, I can no longer save tunes on my Xbox or PC Horizon game. At least it is consistent.

31 is blocked. It works with 32. Idk why though.

You were right. Such a strange blocked value of “32”.

Thanks for figuring this out.

Clearly Baskin Robbins has been cancelled…