Can you paint 10 year anniversary cars and restore the original livery later?

Hi all, does anyone know if you can paint the 10 year anniversary cars? I also would like to know if you can restore the original livery at a later date if you do. Has anyone tried?


Yes, you can. If you applied a design on it and go into the Paint section, it will “reset” the car to the 10th Anniversary livery by default…from there you can paint yourself. The 10th anniversary livery will be the “Manufacter Colors” under paint colors if you want to reapply it.

Just checked for you. You can paint them any colour you want when buying them, as with all cars. You can then apply decals or change the colour, as with all cars. You can also revert back to it’s original paint by choosing “Manufacturer Colours” when painting the car.

Good question. Im curious too.

The problem is that if you paint it, then go back to manufacturer’s colors, you lose the original vinyl stickers. I found a workaround, which is to load a third-party (locked) livery. Then go pack to the paint screen and try to paint it. When you do that it’ll tell you that you can’t paint the livery because it’s locked and ask if you want to clear it. If you say yes to clearing it, the original paint scheme AND decals will reappear on the car.