Can we get the ability to play other peoples custom route playground games events?

Whenever you try to play a custom playground games event that was created by a friend or other player the game disconnects. NOTE: this only happens when they have made the event with a custom route… This is the case with over a dozen of my friends trying to load multiple different events. Loading custom routes works for event lab but doesn’t work for Playground games events i.e. King, Infected…

i am interested also in seeing this.
last week the ‘Black Jag’ pg festival challenge was glitching out on me so i created a same-restriction custom rules event to smash 16 lanterns. it’s custom rules i thiiink set to end whenever some smashes the last of ‘16 candles’… idk… i tried it 3 times with random convoy joiners. the reward didn’t unlock until i tried the seasonal pg in convoy buuuut, as for pg’s w/ custom routes - let’s Go! :slight_smile:

also also —> is anyone else interested in getting PHOTO MODE in PLAYGROUND Games !?

i tried again, editting 16 lanterns into 99 UFOs as a Nena peace tribute experiencial mostly… the custom rules don’t trigger the end but if ya wanna car launch under the full moon near a TRex and 99 'red chinese lanters and junk, have fun! the coder is in the image :slight_smile: