Can we get a subforum for the 360 guys?

I don’t know if this has come up already ,but I’m having a difficult time sorting through the threads for info due to all of the conflicting/different features between the 360/XO versions. Just a thought.


For starters, people can start labeling what version they’re playing on in their titles… (360/X1) Something of that nature would help out…

While a good idea in principle, it will lead to a great deal of duplicate posting. While the two versions are different, there is a great deal they have in common and it is likely the bulk of posting will apply to both versions. As suggested, it might make far more sense for 360 specific threads to be tagged as such, (360) or [360] perhaps.

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i agree. make a subforum so the Xbox One players can use this as a normal forum instead of listen to 360 people complain. Did they really think they were gonna get the same game? there is a decade of computing power between the two.